Wine Light is inspired by the idea of giving the wine glass an entirely new function. We aim to create a connection between traditional and contemporary design, selecting and working with materials that are reflective of wine production.
The goblet’s wood represents the connection to nature and the earth. Abundant, yet always unique in its variations.
The manner in which the glass reflects the light within represents air, the most indispensable element. The light itself represents fire, the element of passion and creativity. It illuminates the goblet from within, creating a soft, warm, and intimate atmosphere.
The power cable moves beyond its primary function by providing opportunity for personalization. It travels through the length of the glass stem appears as though it is almost weightless, suspended in the air of its own accord. 
Wine Light, at once both simple and elegant, created from uniquely formed materials, and evoking opposing elements of nature, will bring balance to your home and the relationships within it.