Wine Light is inspired by the idea of giving the wine glass an entirely new function. We aim to create a connection between traditional and contemporary design, selecting and working with materials that are reflective of wine production.
The goblet’s wood represents the connection to nature and the earth. Abundant, yet always unique in its variations.
The manner in which the glass reflects the light within represents air, the most indispensable element. The light itself represents fire, the element of passion and creativity. It illuminates the goblet from within, creating a soft, warm, and intimate atmosphere.
The power cable moves beyond its primary function by providing opportunity for personalization. It travels through the length of the glass stem appears as though it is almost weightless, suspended in the air of its own accord. 
Wine Light, at once both simple and elegant, created from uniquely formed materials, and evoking opposing elements of nature, will bring balance to your home and the relationships within it.




about us

Tedo is a very fresh brand to promote a new culture of the extraordinary beautiful everyday trough objects for lighting and living solutions all 100% designed and made in Italy.
Tedo combins ideas, materials and Italian style to create elegant suggestions to surround us day in, day out.
Positive Design is the language of Tedo: a philosophy, a thought, a different lifestyle.
Design with Tedo becomes an extraordinary experience, reinterpreting the concept of light and space.
Lighting and complementary furnishings are conceived to evoke emotions and offer up an unequivocal feeling of well-being.

tedo design

Valentina Rena is an Italian Architect from Turin. The bulk of her professional and human experience comes from periods of life spent living and studying abroad. New ideas and new projects for her lighting collection and life come from observing and studying the everyday life in different environment.Her goal is to achieve a personal style, becoming a "design hunter", inspired by objects from daily life and nature.





+39 3479707197 / valentina.rena78@gmail.com 

Via Giovanni Servais 126, 10146, Turin, Italy

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